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Sno Bird Trailers Because so much rides on your trailer.

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About Us

Sno Bird Trailers, founded by Frances Oeschner in the early 1970s, was originally established as a whole-sale trailer corporation Iron Ridge, Wisconsin. The present-day owners, Darell and Christine Koeppler purchased the company in 1994. Sno Bird moved to Slinger, Wisconsin and was converted into a combination whole-sale and retail trailer company. In 1999, we hired Josh Goetsch, Darell's nephew, to head our newly formed boat dock and lift department. Josh is an expert at selling, installing, and servicing your docks and lifts. Currently, family-owned and operated, Sno Bird Trailers, is able to offer all standard types of trailers, customized trailers, trailer parts and accessories, boat docks and lifts, and service all of the above. We look forward to seeing you.

Who We Are

Sno Bird Trailers, Owner


Sno Bird Trailers, Owner


Boat Dock and Lift Specialist


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Sno Bird Trailers, INC.
3563 Hillside Rd
Slinger, WI 53086
Phone: 262-644-6599
Toll free: 888-822-BIRD